"I really loved having Kerri as my doula.She did a great job of walking us through what to expect, what our priorities were, and what we wanted our game plan to be. Kerri did a fantastic job over the course of my labour. She never lost her cool, was supportive throughout, and provided my husband with much needed respite. Kerri had a great way of giving suggestions without ever feeling pushy or being offended if I didn't want to try something. I felt like I had unwavering support from her throughout it all, as well as a steady belief that I could do it, even when I wasn't sure I could."



"Kerri is an incredible, amazing, very supportive doula. She was my doula for my son's birth, and stayed with me through my three day induction. She was a huge encouragement through the whole process, and was able to keep both myself and my husband calm. She came to my home afterwards and helped me with breastfeeding, which was such a huge help. I am so thankful that Kerri was able to be such an important part of my son's birth."


"Myself, my husband and Kerri met several times previous to our birth and discussed my wishes, expectations as well as gained a more realistic understanding of how things would/could go in the hospital setting.  When labour finally began, Kerri was immediately attentive, and present through every step of the way.  She advised us of our options at each step but also gave us space to make our own decisions.  She was a calming presence to us both and acted especially as an emotional anchor for me in mentally working through each contraction toward my goal of an intervention-free birth."